Diagnostic Acoustic Emission Solutions for Safety and Performance



Integrity Diagnostics (ID) is an international company specializing in the development and application of revolutionary acoustic emission technologies for inspection, diagnostics and structural health monitoring of critical structures in four industrial segments:

  • Chemical, oil and gas.
  • Power energy.
  • Civil infrastructure.
  • Aerospace and defense.

Experience and Innovation

Integrity Diagnostics specialists are world-class experts with practical experience in pioneering acoustic emission technologies for practical examination of critical equipment and structures in different countries of the world. Extensive field experience in thousands of projects, comprehensive material, fracture mechanics, and physics of solids research allowed them development of principally new, unique concepts in the field of acoustic emission non-destructive evaluation. Multiple publications, patents, active membership, and chairmanship in non-destructive testing committees and acoustic emission forums granted world recognition to ID specialists.


Integrity Diagnostics acoustic emission diagnostic technology reduces the risk of failure through early flaw detection and assessment in structures under their normal operation. This minimizes unnecessary shutdowns, identifying operational risk factors contributing to flaw origination and development. These bring economic benefits to our customers and increase operational safety.