Diagnostic Acoustic Emission Solutions for Safety and Performance

Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Reverse-Osmosis FRP Pressure Vessels On-line Diagnostic Acoustic Emission Inspection

Acoustic emission - reverse osmosis frp vessels 2

Reverse-Osmosis FRP Pressure Vessels On-line Diagnostic Acoustic Emission Inspection Reverse-osmosis desalination is one of the most popular technologies used today for a large scale sea water desalination. Reverse osmosis process removes salts and impurities from sea water by pushing it through membrane filters under pressure. One of the […]

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Identification of failure mechanisms in fiber reinforced plastics composites by Diagnostic Acoustic Emission method

One of the unique capabilities of Diagnostic Acoustic Emission technology is identification of failure mechanisms and flaw assessment in composite structures. Main failure mechanisms of fiber reinforced plastic structures include: Epoxy matrix cracking. Fiber breakage. Fiber bundle fracture. Delamination growth. Intralaminar cracking. Identification, monitoring and assessment of […]

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Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pipes Inspection by Diagnostic Acoustic Emission

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) pipes are extensively used in many industries thanks to their high strength, good corrosion resistance, low weight and many other advantages. However growing use of FRP pipes and pressure equipment brings new challenges. One of them is in-time detection of flaws developing in FRP […]

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