Diagnostic Acoustic Emission Solutions for Safety and Performance


Four good reasons why there is no alternative to Acoustic Emission testing of large composite UAVs

Acoustic Emission ground test of large UAVs Flight safety of large UAV machines is of grate importance. Many new non-destructive test methods are in development to examine UAV structure for possible pre-manufactured flaws or service developed damages in order to avoid catastrophic failures. These methods include acoustic emission, […]

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Identification of failure mechanisms in fiber reinforced plastics composites by Diagnostic Acoustic Emission method

One of the unique capabilities of Diagnostic Acoustic Emission technology is identification of failure mechanisms and flaw assessment in composite structures. Main failure mechanisms of fiber reinforced plastic structures include: Epoxy matrix cracking. Fiber breakage. Fiber bundle fracture. Delamination growth. Intralaminar cracking. Identification, monitoring and assessment of […]

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Wing Stress Tests by Diagnostic Acoustic Emission

Wing load test is a standard procedure during new airplane design and in special cases applied in-service. Composite and metal wings are loaded to above operational loads or to an ultimate load to learn load bearing capabilities of wings and identify design weaknesses. Several methods were developed during […]

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