Diagnostic Acoustic Emission Solutions for Safety and Performance

Civil Infrastructure


  • Diagnostic Acoustic Emission Technology for Inspection of Infrastructure
  • Detection of Voids in Cable Ducts using Impact Echo Technology
  • Detection and Assessment of Corrosion Damage in Cables
  • Crack Detection and Assessment in Metal Structures using Acoustic Emission
  • acoustic emission monitoring of structural cracks
    Inspection of Structural Cracks by Acoustic Emission Technology
  • Detection and Mapping Water Penetration and Moisture in Concrete
  • Acoustic Emission Test for Assessment of Large Rocks
  • Acoustic Emission Examination of Buildings and Other Structures
  • Acoustic Emission Tests for Research and Design of Special Concretes
  • Acoustic Emission Test of Bridges and Tunnels
  • acoustic emission monitoring of structural cracks
    Acoustic Emission Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Structures